Call for Proposals


This year’s Higher Education Partnership conference will focus on how to encourage Inclusion and Sustainability in the field of international education as frameworks for cross-cultural programs and partnerships.

We hope to call attention to the ways in which partnerships and exchange programs between universities, community colleges, technical schools and other higher education institutions can be inclusive of diverse participants, communities, groups, and geographic regions. We encourage a deep exploration of the term “sustainable” both in the temporal sense of successful long-term programs and partnerships, as well as the environmental sense of eco-friendly and “green” initiatives in international education.

The 2019 Conference Committee is seeking proposals that resonate with our 2019 theme and reflect the best thinking and practice in the field, especially where efforts to be more inclusive and sustainable have led to replicable success. Individual presentations, panels, workshops, training seminars and other formats are welcome. Proposals may also address one or some of the key-words below:


  • How can the higher education community promote programs that cover a variety of topics and experiences and also include program participants from diverse regions and communities? How can vulnerable communities gain access to programs in international education? How can programs in international education consider the diverse needs of participating countries?


  • What opportunities in international education are available to women and marginalized groups? How can we promote STEM and international programs for all groups. How can programs in international education be inclusive of people who identify as LGBTQI+?

  • In a region in which woman and children from migrant communities face many challenges, how can the international education community support and provide opportunities for this vulnerable group?


  • How can the international education community be strengthened and expanded across borders to include more communities across the Americas? How do programs in international education foster new leadership opportunities for community members? What sort of innovative spaces can facilitate collaboration between communities across the western hemisphere?


  • How can programs in international education address climate change? How might climate change affect the way in which programs in international education are structured? How can we continue to build programs that are sustainable and respond to the various environmental and social changes of our time.


  • How can we continue to create innovative and pragmatic partnerships for a successful future of international collaboration in the field of higher education? How can we break the traditional model of study abroad programs and create innovative spaces in which a broader and more diverse group of students and faculty can participate?



  • Interactive audience participation

  • Training component, in addition to information sharing

  • Coordinated group presentations involving representatives from multiple institutions and countries

  • Innovative format

In the spirit of international collaboration, individual presentations may be placed in a shared session with other presenters. We welcome proposals which include multiple speakers offering perspectives from more than one country/cultural context. If you have colleagues with whom you can submit a joint proposal, we encourage you to do so (please verify their interest and availability to attend and present before submitting).

Session duration will vary between 30 minutes and one hour.  Given that each panel session contains an average of 3 presenters plus a moderator, each panel presenter must agree to equitably share the time with the other presenters allocated to the session (regardless of format). Each presenter should expect to receive 10-15 minutes to present, unless approved for a session with only one speaker/trainer.  Presentations should allow time for audience interaction. All presenters are expected to attend the conference. Presenters will be able to register at the early bird registration rate and will be given specific instructions on how to obtain that rate once selected.


If the proposal is accepted, space will be set aside for your presentation in the conference program.  Please be considerate and make plans to attend, or let us know as soon as possible if you or your co-presenters will be unable to participate.  This is a selective process and there are often other excellent proposals which we’d like to accommodate.

To minimize conference costs, regretfully, presenters will not receive any compensation. Travel, lodging, conference registration fees and all other expenses will be the presenter’s sole responsibility.  However, Partners of the Americas is happy to provide an official letter of invitation to help you obtain the support of your institution.

Important Dates to consider:

Proposals are due by May 20, 2019 and the selected presenters will be notified by June 15, 2019.  

Selected presenters must register by July 31, 2019 in order for their session to be included in the program.

Proposals must be submitted through the HEP 2019 website and may be submitted in either English or Spanish.